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Top Property Selling Tips to Help you get a Higher Price

For most people, the property that we own is not just our home, it’s also our most significant financial asset. This means that when it comes to selling, it’s vital to make sure that you do everything you can to ensure that your property achieves the best possible price. Here are Warners top tips to help you get a higher price when selling a home in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Make a Great First Impression

Often cliches exist for a reason, and when it comes to selling a home first impressions matter. Maximising your property’s kerb appeal will allow you to make a great first impression on viewers before they even enter your home. Now that we’re coming into spring, make sure grass is cut and plant some flowers like daffodils or tulips to add a splash of colour to your front garden. 

Ensure that windows are clean and there is no chipped or flaking paint on window frames. If your main door needs a quick lick of paint it’s well worth doing this prior to marketing your home. If you have hedges, make sure they’re trimmed and that any pathways are clear of weeds. It’s worth doing these things even if you live in a flat, in which case you should also make sure that your stairwell is as clear and clean as possible. 

Have a Deep Clean & Make Minor Repairs

We can all be guilty of getting used to wee things that we should repair, whether it’s a shoogly doorhandle or a cracked tile in the bathroom. Small issues like this can deter a buyer from pursuing their interest or affect how much they are willing to offer, so it’s well worth sorting these out if they can be easily remedied prior to you going onto the market. 

Focus on What Makes Your Home Special

If you’re covering the viewings for the property yourself, this gives you an opportunity to tell viewers about the things that made you fall in love with your home. Try to have viewings start and finish in the room that best highlights what your property has to offer, so that this is where potential buyers will spend time asking you any questions, leaving them with the best possible lasting impression.


Decluttering is one of the most important things that you can do if you want to get the best possible price for your property. Not only will this help to make rooms feel bigger, it will also make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. 

Market Your Home in the Right Places

An integral part of selling your home is making sure that it is seen by as many potential buyers as possible. Overwhelmingly ESPC is the most popular site used by property buyers in Edinburgh and the Lothians so exposure there is vital. Although they are not as heavily used, you will also want to ensure that your agent is able to market your home on Rightmove and Zoopla, in part because these sites are popular with buyers looking to relocate from down south. Although most buyers search online these days, there are a surprising number who still browse estate agents’ windows so an agent with a high street presence can help too. 

If you’re thinking of selling a property or have questions about selling process or the property market, get in touch with Warners today on 0131 662 4747, or at and one of our team will be delighted to help.


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