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How Staging Can Help you to Get a Higher Price for Your Property

Making sure that your home is looking its best when you come to sell is vital if you want to generate as much interest as possible and ultimately secure the best possible price for your property. If your property happens to be unfurnished or partially furnished, a great way of doing this can be through virtual or physical staging.  

Here we take a look at the benefits of staging, and which option could be right for you. 

The Benefits of Home Staging 

Whilst it may be a cliché, first impressions really do count. Almost without exception, the first time that prospective buyers see your property will be through the pictures and marketing materials that your estate agent uses online on websites like ESPC and Rightmove. It stands to reason that you will want your property to look as appealing as possible here. 

If the property that you are selling is photographed unfurnished then, in the first instance, it will be harder for potential buyers to envisage how the property would look like when it is lived in. The old adage is that most people are looking to buy a home, not a property. Using staging to show the property in a furnished state will make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the property. Another issue that unfurnished properties face is that with a picture of a vacant room, the buyers’ eyes will be more easily drawn to any small imperfections in the flooring or paintwork, creating a negative first impression of your property. 

Even when a property is furnished, staging can still offer significant benefits. Simple things like adding a bed set to a bare mattress, some soft furnishings to a living room, or some plants and ornaments throughout can transform a property from looking cold and barren to warm and lived in. 

Which Option is Right for You? 

Overwhelmingly, virtual staging is the best option when you are selling a property where some or all of the rooms are unfurnished. In such cases, computer generated images can instantly improve how your property will appear to homebuyers who are browsing online. The relatively low cost of this approach – typically less than £50 per room – can often be easily justified by the additional interest that it can help to generate. 

If, on the other hand, a property is partially or fully furnished but is perhaps looking a little tired or soulless, then physical staging is more likely to be the right choice. It really is remarkable how much more ‘homely’ a property can look by adding some soft furnishings, ornaments and books. And by using physical staging, you not only get the initial benefit of improving how your property will look online, but also making it look more appealing when viewers come around to see the property in person. 

Finding Out More 

If you’re interested in discussing whether home staging could help with your own sale, or if you have any other questions about buying or selling a property, get in touch with Warners today on 0131 662 4747, or by email at and one of our team will be delighted to help. 

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