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"Higher Faster" Advert Campaign Verification

You’ll probably have heard Warners radio campaign – complete with catchy jingle – by now, in which case you will know that Warners are able to say that we help clients to achieve higher premiums and faster times to offer accepted when selling their property.

In the interests of transparency, we wanted to let you know a bit more about this claim and what it’s based on.


What do Warners claim?

Over the last ten years, Warners has helped sellers to achieve:

  1. Higher premiums over Home Report valuation, and
  2. Shorter times from properties going live, to going under offer

than the ESPC average.


What are these claims based on?

The statements are based on sales recorded by Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre (ESPC) during the ten years from January 2012 to December 2021 inclusive. These data show that:

  1. Warners helped sellers to achieve a selling price that exceeded Home Report valuation by an average of 3.7%. This compares to the average recorded across all ESPC members of 2.6%.
  2. Warners helped clients to achieve a median time on market before an offer is accepted of 22 days. This is a full week shorter than the figure recorded across all ESPC members of 29 days.


Further Information

If you have a query about any of the information appearing here, contact us on and we will be delighted to help.

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