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Warners Top Tips to Get The Best Price for Your Property This Summer

Many people consider selling a home during the summer to be a tricky task.

There is a lot going on during the summer months - people go on holiday, children are off school and need attention and summer activities can be distracting.

So although houses can look their best in what is a peak selling opportunity, it can be a difficult market. Yet even though the market can be a little quieter during the summer, people who have sold their own homes and are actively looking to buy a new home are very focused on their property search.  

Small details will make all the difference when it comes to drawing people in for that vital first viewing or to get them back for a second viewing – or better still to create competition to increase your likely sale price.

At Warners we look at homes 24/7 meaning we have a few tricks up our sleeves which can instantly boost your chances of selling your home during this period.

Create Summer Kerb Appeal

Many sellers are not actually aware that potential buyers will not only judge your home, they will also judge what they see when they pull up to kerb outside your home. So make your entrance welcoming and warm.

Plant flowers, sweep your paths and trim the hedges. Give your front door and fences a lick of paint all to make your home look as hospitable as possible.

Bring the light inside

If you have heavy curtains remove them, they can often make rooms look smaller anyway. Bring light in to your house by pulling all the blinds up to the top of the windows and securing them there. If you don’t already have them, consider tie-backs for holding open lighter curtains.

If a room is particularly dark, add a lamp, but don’t go over board and put on every light in the house as buyers might think you are trying to hide a lack of natural light.

Keep your lawn in order

Dried brown patches on the lawn will ruin the appearance of your garden, try your best to avoid these. It really is worth attending to such matters as it does make a huge difference to a purchaser – they will see the value of outside space more when doing a summer viewing.


If your house is cluttered the first impression of it will be that it is cramped rather than spacious. Make the entrance hall particularly enticing by de-cluttering, so potential buyers want to see more of your home. 

The tidier your house is, the better – it’s particularly important to take everything off the floor as carpet clutter is the quickest way to make a room look smaller.

Window dressing

People are drawn towards windows, especially in summer. So make your windows a real focal point. Make sure the windows are sparkling, clear junk off the window sill and keep curtains pulled back to let as much light in as possible.

If you are counting on selling your home this summer, these simple steps can help make all the difference.  

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