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Tailor Your Unique Property Search With Warners

House hunters are being given the chance to literally run circles round their search for a new home with launch of a unique website tool.

Edinburgh-based Warners has become the first solicitor-estate agent in Scotland to feature a ‘draw a search’ tool on its newly launched website, providing an intuitive and user-friendly approach to help people to find the perfect home – in the ideal location.

An added benefit of the tool – being hailed as the most accurate property location finder around - is that it is ideal for those looking to focus a search within an exact school catchment area.

Jamie Lovie is an Account Director at Intelligent Mobile, the firm behind the build of the feature.

She said:  “Warners is leading the way with an advance on the search tools of old.

“This process allows the user to quickly circle the exact area that they want to live in a way that is user-friendly and intuitive.

“We have tried to make the feature suitable for most tablets or smartphones, allowing the customer to make full use of touch screen functionality – and so helping to make it even simpler and quicker to find your perfect property.

“This will undoubtedly be copied in time – it’s the newest and quickest way to search for properties and highlights Warners position as a leading Edinburgh estate agent.”

Warners, which has three property shops, in Newington, Corstorphine and Portobello, has held the unofficial title as Edinburgh’s leading property solicitor estate agent for 14 consecutive years since 1999, measured in terms of property sales as recorded by ESPC.

Ken Greenan, IT Director at Warners, said: “We are always looking at ways of making the search for a new house as easy and as pleasurable as possible – that has been the main focus with the new website.

“The ‘draw a search’ tool is the stand out feature and we are delighted with the product from Intelligent Mobile.

“It is personally my favourite feature within the site and is a huge advance on search tools of old – which are clunky, unreliable and slow.

“As well as being able to pinpoint all properties in a certain area, it can used to find properties that are near a school, workplace or favourite attraction.”

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