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Making Sure We Put the Customer First at Warners

Many people think that all estate agents do the same thing and offer exactly the same service, but that is simply not the case.

At Warners we strive to be the best in what we do, offering clear, straight forward advice, backed up by our market expertise.

Other firms may offer these services, but in reality they often cut corners in terms of what they deliver.

As Edinburgh’s leading solicitors and estate agents we ensure that we offer nothing but the best service for our clients to make the process of selling or buying a house as a pain free as possible and to deliver the results our clients want and deserve.

How do we do this you ask?

Firstly, all our property sales negotiators are extremely experienced in their field. So from the outset you will be receiving expert advice and knowledge – carved from many years working in the local property market - to help guide you through the process of selling or buying a home.

Secondly, while any of the team can arrange a viewing, you will be given a dedicated sales negotiator who will handle everything related to the transaction, including notes of interest, offers and all the feedback obtained from the arranged viewings. You will have their direct dial and direct email so that at any point during your marketing you can speak to the person responsible for your sale.

Thirdly, we understand how stressful it can be buying or selling a house, but having a dedicated sales negotiator means you are guaranteed simple and open lines of communication, giving the overall process a more personal feel. We hope that by providing you with a dedicated sales negotiator with whom you can build levels of trust we aim it will ease your worries and make the whole transaction more relaxed.

On top of this we answer phones up until 7pm Monday to Friday and also for four hours on both a Saturday and a Sunday - dealing with viewings, inquiries and email requests during those times.

Why do we do this? So that we are providing you with the maximum opportunity to contact us with any queries or worries you may have.

And the only reason we aren’t open after 7pm is because public feedback suggested that the majority of people did not want disturbed later in the evening – everything we do is aimed at giving a service to the public that they want. 

We believe that by placing our clients at the heart of our thinking, we can engender confidence in what we do – but not only this, it helps us deliver the results. We have dominated the market for the last 15 years selling more than 10,000 properties in that time period – more 3,000 more than our closest rival.

This year already, our expertise – complimented with added values services such as providing access to all marketing web portals   – saw us successfully sell more 200 properties in the first three months of the year. 

So if you want the best customer service and the best results available then get in touch with us now to find out what we can do for you. 

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