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Top Tips For Homebuyers When Viewing a Property

Buying a property is the biggest financial decision that most of us make so it makes sense to plan ahead before viewing properties that you’re interested in. Here are our top tips for house-hunters.

Make a List of What Matters to You
Before going to view any properties make a list of the things that you want it to have. Be strict about splitting the list into the things that are essential and those that are desirable, then take the list along with you to viewings.

Read the Home Report Before Viewing
All existing dwellings in Scotland will be marketed with a Home Report. The report should include information on the condition, value, energy efficiency and charges associated with the property. You can download a copy of the Home Report for properties on ESPC, or ask the selling agent to email you a copy while you’re arranging the viewing.

Find Out What Is Included
The extras included in the sale will generally be listed in the sales brochure but make sure to double-check what furniture and fittings the seller will be leaving behind if there’s anything that you’re not sure about.

Don’t Forget Storage Space
It’s easy to forget just how much ‘stuff’ you’ve accumulated over the years. Make sure that anywhere you move into will have enough space to store everything that you’ll want to take with you, as well as some extra space for new items that you’re likely to buy after you move in.

Take Your Time
Don’t feel like you have to rush when you're viewing. Go around the property at your own pace, even if others are viewing at the same time as you. If you’re viewing a few properties on the same day leave yourself plenty of time to get to each one and look round them properly.

Check Out the Neighbourhood
Almost as important as the property you’re buying is the area you’re moving into. Take a walk around to get a feel for what the area is like and make sure that it has the amenities that you need.

Go More Than Once
If you see a property that you like, don’t be afraid to go back for a second viewing. Ideally, go back at a different time so you know what the area is like at night as well as well as during the day.

Be Nice!
It’s human nature that we become attached to the property that we live in. Ideally most of us would probably like to sell it to someone friendly who we think will look after the home we’ve lived in for years. It never hurts to make a good impression on the homeowner when they’re showing you around their home. If they are faced with two similar offers, it could just sway things in your favour!

If you’re thinking of buying a property, call us on 0131 667 0232 or email and one of our team will be delighted to help. We don’t charge a penny for unsuccessful offers or to note interest in properties so if you see a property that you like, get in touch today.

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