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S(NO)w Let Up in House Buying

While the snowstorms brought Scotland to a standstill, they faced sterner competition from Edinburgh’s property  market – with more than a little hand from the dedicated staff at Warners Solicitors & Estate Agents

So – in perhaps a most telling endorsement of the enduring nature of the capital’s buoyant housing sector – the crippling wintry conditions failed to stop Warners’ property team from continuing to keep property transactions on track.

Warners’ estate agency team worked to bring 15 properties onto the market, while the legal team were able to conclude more than 20 sales and purchases on Thursday and Friday during the worst of the weather.

And for dozens more clients, Warners’ staff were on hand to provide a reassuring presence.

Estate Agency Partner Scott Brown said: “Our staff were magnificent last week, in what – as everyone knows – were very trying circumstances.

“While property transactions might have been expected to take a back seat as people, and most of Scotland, struggled to cope with the snowstorms, instead we were able to keep working.

“About 20 out of 60-strong staff made it in, all of them on foot – including one of our cashiers who walked 1 hour and 45 minutes* on both Thursday and Friday mornings to get to his desk. Many who couldn’t make it, logged on from home so they could keep working.

“It meant that people were still able to get their sale or purchase tied up. Even where people weren’t able to physically move into their new home because of the weather, they still had peace of mind knowing that everything was concluded, ready for them to move when the weather improved.

“And, for most, they were just happy we were here and had a presence or were at the end of a call.

“It kept all clients calm and avoided panic.

 “So it was a super effort all round by the property team – a real devotion to customer service and to put the client first; which is what we at Warners are all about.”

*A previous version of this article stated that the cashier walked 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to their desk. Whilst this would have been a feat in and of itself, it failed to accurately reflect the full, Herculean nature of their effort and the article has been amended accordingly!

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