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Staging Tips

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First impressions are very important. Here are some tips for getting your property ready to be photographed and to help achieve a successful sale.

• To create a feeling of space throughout your property, declutter as much as possible. Remove any unnecessary items from the floor, work surfaces, and counter tops. Fridge magnets, toiletries and cleaning products are particularly distracting. If needed, put all of your clutter into cardboard boxes that can be easily moved during the visit by the photographer.

• If possible, park your cars away from the driveway and move any external bins out
of sight. It is often best to lead with an external shot of your property so you will want this to be as clean and attractive as possible.

• Open all of your curtains and blinds to let as much daylight into your property as possible.

• If it can be done easily, remove personal items such a family photographs. This will make it easier for potential buyers to picture the property as being their own in their mind’s eye.

• Remove pet food bowls and bedding in advance of the photography appointment.

• Make sure all surfaces are given a good clean, including windowsills, skirting boards, kitchen worktops as well as any bathroom cabinets and glass shower curtains.

• Make sure any gardens are nice and tidy. Give the grass a trim and move any recycling boxes or children’s toys to ensure that the outdoor spaces are looking their best.


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